What is Robly’s Anti-SPAM Policy?

Updated on: February 24, 2015 Category: SPAM & Abuse, Terms of Service

We hate spammers. They jeopardize deliverability across our thousands of other customers.

Robly is a permission-based, opt-in email marketing platform. That means you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT UPLOAD A PURCHASED OR RENTED LIST TO ROBLY. Never ever.

If we find that you have uploaded a purchased or rented list to Robly (there are ways), your account will be immediately shut down and you will be ineligible for a refund.

Here’s how you can violate our SPAM policy (and have your account shut down):

1. Sending SPAM as defined below.

2. Sending prohibited content, including unsolicited email.

3. Failure to comply with Robly compliance staff about your list.

4. Failure to include mandatory elements in your campaigns sent through Robly.

What is SPAM?

We’re going with the SPAMHAUS definition which can be found here. The word “SPAM” as applied to email means “Unsolicited Bulk Email.”

What Not to Do …

Here are some examples of what not to do: the following items are considered a violation of our policy and will result in the shut down of your account without a refund.

  • NEVER send an email to someone who has opted out of your list after they’ve opted out.
  • NEVER send a message without an unsubscribe option. Robly will automatically add one in the footer, so this shouldn’t be an issue. But nevertheless, don’t do it.
  • Generic emails (sales@domain.com, info@domain.com) should not be on your list. This is a red flag at Robly. It usually means you either bought or rented the list, or you uploaded contacts from Outlook.  Both are big no-no’s. 100 percent of your Outlook contacts didn’t opt-in, and it doesn’t take many complaints to get shut down.
  • NEVER send a mail to a purchased list (this should be starting to sink in).
  • ALWAYS include a physical mailing address. This can be a P.O. box if you don’t want to be sending bulk email to opt-in subscribers with your home address on it, but there must be a physical address.
  • Any email with false or misleading information in the subject, header, or body is SPAM.
  • Any message that concerns making large amounts of money from home is SPAM.
  • You must validate your email address to send campaigns with Robly.
  • If Robly deems abuse complaints excessive from any given campaign, it will freeze the account in order to investigate, and has sole discretion in declaring the campaign SPAM.

Prohibited Content

Robly has a zero tolerance for content that is offensive or promotes anything illegal. Anything “SPAMMY” will get your account investigated. The following content is prohibited at Robly:

  • Adult content, pornography, escort or dating services, or content promoting adult novelty items.
  • Content that sells or promotes illegal products, drugs, substances, or pharmaceuticals.
  • Material that promotes work-from-home, lead-gen, Make money from home through online opportunities, etc.
  • Online trading, day trading tips, or stock market related content.
  • Gambling products, services, or education.
  • Multi-level or Affiliate Marketing.
  • Credit repair, get-out-of-debt content.
  • Mortgages and/or loans.
  • List brokers or list rental services.
  • Anything that violates the FTC’S CAN-SPAM Act.

What Isn’t SPAM?

The only thing that isn’t SPAM is bulk mail sent to permission lists. There are two possibilities:

1. OPT-IN LISTS: Written consent has been obtained (consent can be electronic), within the last 12 months, or if longer than 12 months, a promotion has been sent  in the last 12 months and the subscriber has not opted-out.

2. CURRENT CUSTOMER LISTS: You acquired a name and email address in connection with a purchase that occurred within the last twelve months, and that customer has not opted out from receiving further promotions.

You must ensure that everyone receiving your email wants to receive it, that they’ve opted-in, that your permission reminders very clearly state how they opted in, and that they have a very easy way to opt-out at any time.

Required Elements on Every Robly Email

  • A large, visible unsubscribe button or link (if mail is plain-text);
  • The sender’s valid physical address (can be a P.O. box);
  • A valid reply-to email;
  • A visible permission reminder;
  • Appropriate content.

Robly reserves the right to review your campaign lists and account to develop anti-abuse algorithms and more effectively identify abusive senders. We also reserve the right to analyze your contact lists for invalid, bad, or spamtrap addresses.

Feedback Loops with ISPs

Robly has relationships with most of the major ISP’s:

  • AOL
  • Earthlink
  • Yahoo
  • Comcast
  • Hotmail/MSN
  • Roarrunner
  • United Online (Juno/Netzero)
  • Spamcop
  • Outblaze

When a recipient clicks the “This Is Spam” button in their email program, a FBL report is sent to us. We analyze the data, trace it back to the sender that caused the complaint, remove the complainer from the sender’s list, and track future complaints about that campaign. If complaints exceed a reasonable threshold based on list size, we take appropriate to keep our servers clean and off blacklists. To prevent this from happening to you, please read and ensure you abide by our terms of service and our anti-spam policies.

Robly’s Complaint Response Process

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our SPAM policy, please email our compliance department directly at:

abuse [at] robly [dot] com

The Robly Process

We will respond to every abuse complaint, even though many may be unrelated to actual SPAMMING. We will make sure the complainant knows his address was not harvested, sold, or otherwise improperly added to a customer’s list.

Here are the steps Robly takes when a complaint is received:

1. Compliance will contact the owner of the account with an abuse inquiry. We’ll ask for the list source, permission reminders, and any information available about the sender in question. Failure to respond or provide adequate information within two business days is a violation of our Anti-SPAM Policy and  can result in the closing of your account without a refund.

2. Robly Compliance will review the complaint and determine if it was in fact a violation of our Anti-SPAM Policy.

3. Robly Compliance will respond to the complaint. If the sender was in compliance with our Anti-SPAM Policy, we will inform the complainant via email and cc: the sender.

4. If it’s determined that our Anti-SPAM Policy was in fact violated, compliance will contact the sender with further details.

Please report any abusive senders by forwarding any content that violates our clearly-defined Anti-SPAM Policy, including all header elements, to:

abuse [at] robly [dot] com


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