How to Install and Use the Robly360 CRM for Gmail Plugin

Updated on: October 27, 2017 Category: Robly360 CRM

Track Opens in Gmail with the Robly360 Chrome Plugin. Robly360 for Gmail helps you organize all your interaction and follow up with customers and prospects. Track opens, schedule tasks, add notes and tags, and sell faster with one centralized database for all customer interaction. This plugin syncs with your Robly account so that information you add straight from your Gmail inbox (or any browser window) syncs to your Robly account.


To install the Robly360 Plugin for Gmail:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click here.
  3. Click +Add to Chrome, then click Add Extension:

  4. This should add the Robly bird to the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser. Click on it, then log into your Robly account:

  5. From here you have two checkboxes:

Track my Gmail Messages by default: Email open tracking lets you know whether your email has been opened yet. If the recipient reads it, you’ll know exactly when.* If you prefer to do this one :

*This will show you the most recent open time. If someone opens it twice, the new time will replace the original open time.

Auto-Subscribe Tracked Subscribers to my newsletter: Robly will create a contact each time it tracks an email. If you want to track messages by default, but don’t want to automatically subscribe new contacts to your email marketing newsletters, leave this box unchecked.

You can change these settings at any time by clicking Settings from the Chrome plugin icon:

 How to Use the Plugin

Now that you have plugin installed, you should start to see information for your contacts load into the sidebar on the right hand side of your Gmail inbox:


If you are not seeing this information or nothing is loading when you open your emails, clear your Chrome cache and restart your browser.


Edit Contact Information

To add new information to or edit contact information, click the email address from the sidebar. You can add name and company information by clicking on each field:


Add a New Contact

The Gmail plugin will give you the option for adding a new contact directly from an email that you open. If there are multiple emails on a chain, use the dropdown menu at the top to toggle between them:

You can also manually add new contacts in using icon at the top right hand corner of any browser tab/window:

Send an Email

Click the envelope icon to tee up an email to them:

Add Additional Info (Lists, Tags, Phone)

To add tags, list assignments, and/or a phone number, click the Info section from your Gmail inbox for that contact. Use the Pencil icon on the right hand side to edit that section:


This section will show you all the most recent email open activity for that particular contact:

Add and View Tasks

Create and view tasks both directly in Gmail or your browser window. In Gmail, click on the Tasks section, then the + icon to add a new task:

From your browser window, click the the Robly icon, then click the Tasks tab and New Task:

Any tasks created in Gmail, your browser, or directly in your Robly account will show here:

Clear/complete tasks by clicking the checkmark!

Add Notes

Add a note by clicking Notes in Gmail:

How To Track Emails Individually (ie, you UNCHECKED the Track Messages By Default Option)

Click the Robly bird icon that shows when you compose an email:

This will track opens on a per send basis, rather than every time. This button will automatically be selected if you’ve checked the Track Messages by Default Option.

How to Manually Subscribe or Unsubscribe Contacts

If you prefer to Subscribe new contacts to your newsletter manually rather than automatically, or want to Unsubscribe someone, simply click where it says Unsubscribed or Subscribed – this will change the user’s status in Robly.


To uninstall the plugin, right click on the icon in your browser and select Remove From Chrome. Alternatively you can select Manage Extensions and remove it from there.


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