How do I label/organize/filter my campaigns?

Updated on: October 4, 2016 Category: Campaign Building

To label, organize, and filter your campaigns you will use this little box that is under the Campaigns section of your account:


To Create New Labels or Edit/Delete Existing Labels:

Hover over the word Labels, then click Add/Edit Labels:


From this popup window, you can Create a New Label, Edit an existing label, or Delete an existing label:


To Apply or Remove Labels from Campaigns:

To apply or remove a label to your campaign(s), find the campaign you want to label, then underneath it click on Options > Modify Labels:


Check or uncheck the labels you want to apply to the campaign, then click Save:


The labels you have chosen will show up in turquoise after the campaign’s name (list names are grey, segment names are orange):


To Sort and Filter Campaigns by Label, List, Status, or Type:

You can sort your campaigns by any combination of Labels, Lists, Status, or Type. Simply hover over each option and select what you’d like to sort by. For example, if I want to see all my campaigns that are labeled “Sauce,” I will choose that from the dropdown, and the results will update automatically:


So I could search for any campaigns labeled Sauce that are Responsive and Sent.

Additionally, you can use the Search Campaigns field to further refine your search:


To Clear Search Criteria:

You can manually un-check filters you have applied, or to clear all your filters, click the Clear Search, Filter, and Sort icon:


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