How do I verify an email address to change the email address my campaign is sent from or replying to?

Updated on: February 16, 2018 Category: Account Settings, Campaign Building, Campaign Settings

**If you do not have a Robly account and received a verification email, you MUST forward the verification code to whoever is trying to verify your email address so that they can manually add your verification code into their account.**

The first step is to add and then verify any new, additional email address you want to use for sending.

First, go to My Account, then click Add/Edit Email addresses:


Then, click on the Add a Verified Email Address button:

Add a Verified Email Address

Type in the email address you want to add and click Verify. This will send an email to that email address that must be clicked on from that inbox. There is also a verification code that can be entered in manually if you are not the recipient of the verification confirmation – the person can always provide you with that code so that you can verify it for them.

Now, return to your campaign by clicking on EmailCampaigns, then EDIT under the Campaign you want to update:

Click Next Step until you get to the Settings page. Once the email address is successfully verified, you will see it in the Verified Emails list as well as the drop-down menu for “From” and “Reply-To:” email addresses in the campaign builder:

From Email

*Please note that this does not give the Verified Email address owner their own login/password to the account. This only adds the email address so that it can be used as a From or Reply-to email address in a campaign.*

To change the From and Reply-to permanently for all *newly created* campaigns, go to Contacts > Lists > List Defaults:

**Please note that this will only work for newly created campaigns. If you duplicate an older campaign you will still need to manually update the from/reply-to email address on the Settings step of the campaign builder.

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