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Updated on: August 28, 2017 Category: API, Features

Welcome to our API

At Robly, we approach every interface with the idea of making it as clean and simple as possible, and our APIs are no different. One of the keys to Robly’s success is listening to its users and incorporating their feedback. For help with the API, please email support[at]robly.com.

Getting Started:

You can find your API ID and Key under the My Account section of your Robly account. If you need to reset your API Key, please email your request to support[at]robly.com and include your login email address.

API Endpoint



The api_id takes the form of a string like this: 8ec55ecb23a8facac6280e84be513fee
The api_key takes the form of a string like this: eb81bd1f0ad28b0a

By default all results are returned as a JSON string, but XML can also be requested by appending .xml to the API URL. (before the parameters). All API calls are REST calls; either a GET or a POST. See below for examples.

API Limits:

Please contact support for exact API limits but they range from 5 rpm (requests per minute) to 50 rpm depending on the account level and API call.

Sample call to view all sub lists – returning JSON


JSON Output:

[{"sub_list":{"id":17269,"name":"List B","position":7,"created_at":"2014-06-26T18:42:33Z","updated_at":"2014-06-26T22:16:08Z"}},{"sub_list":{"id":17276,"name":"List C","position":14,"created_at":"2014-06-26T18:42:33Z","updated_at":"2014-06-26T22:16:08Z"}},{"sub_list":{"id":17277,"name":"List D","position":15,"created_at":"2014-06-26T18:42:33Z","updated_at":"2014-06-26T22:16:09Z"}}]

Sample call to view all sub lists – returning XML


XML Output:

<sub-lists type="array">
<id type="integer">17269</id>
<name>List B</name>
<position type="integer">7</position>
<created-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T18:42:33Z</created-at>
<updated-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T22:16:08Z</updated-at>
<id type="integer">17276</id>
<name>List C</name>
<position type="integer">14</position>
<created-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T18:42:33Z</created-at>
<updated-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T22:16:08Z</updated-at>
<id type="integer">17277</id>
<name>List D</name>
<position type="integer">15</position>
<created-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T18:42:33Z</created-at>
<updated-at type="datetime">2014-06-26T22:16:09Z</updated-at>


Most API calls have multiple parameters that can be passed in, please check the API docs for each API call to view parameters and output differences.

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