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Contact Management

Use our contact management tool to track activity, send one-to-one emails via Gmail, add tasks, add notes, and sync to your calendar.

Manage Contacts

To get to where you will manage contacts, click on the Contacts tab. This will automatically take you to the View Contacts section.

From this page, you can edit a contact by clicking on the name, import or export contacts, search contacts, add a new contact, or us the Action menu to add a Note, Task, Delete, or Unsubscribe a contact.

Edit or View a Contact

Click on a Contact’s Full Name or Email address from the list view to edit or view the full profile.

Edit name, email address, or details

If the contact has no name, the email address will be listed as the name. Click the email address to edit first and last name:

Click on the email address to edit the email address:

Click into any field to add information for that field, or click +Add field to add a new data field for all contacts:

Assign Tags

Type a new tag into the Tags field – if you’re using an existing tag, the name will auto-populate as you type:

Add To or Remove From List(s)

Click +Add to List in the Lists section to add the contact to a list – click the X next to an existing list name to remove them from a list:

Add a Task

To add a task to a contact, such as a Call, Email, Lunch, or Meeting – click the blue arrow under Actions:

You can also add a task directly from a contact’s profile:

Include a task description, choose your task type (Call, Email, Lunch Meeting), then choose the date, time and duration.

To set a reminder/alert, click the bell icon next to the +Add Task button. This will let you sync your Gmail calendar with Robly to set up alerts.

From here, you will click to log into your Gmail account.

Once you have it connected you can set alerts, which will all happen through your Google/Gmail account.

A default alert for 10 minutes via Gmail Popup is set for all alerts:

Once you’ve saved your task, it will show under the Tasks tab at the bottom of the screen. Click the task to make changes:

Click the Complete button to mark a task complete.

Add Notes

To add a Note to a contact, click the blue arrow under Actions:

You can also add a note directly from a contact’s profile:

You will find completed/existing Notes by clicking the Notes tab at the bottom, as well as on the right hand side in the activity feed:

Sync to Gmail

There are two ways to sync your Gmail in Robly.

1. Sync your calendar by setting up alerts/reminders for tasks. Scroll up to the Add a Task section above for instructions.

2. Sync your inbox by integrating Robly with your Gmail inbox to send one-to-one emails. See below for instructions.

Send One-to-One Email via Gmail

To connect to your own Gmail inbox to send one-to-one, trackable emails via Robly or Gmail (this will not automatically port contacts over between Gmail or Robly), click the Send Email section, then Set Up Gmail at the bottom of the contact’s profile page:

This will walk you through logging in to your Gmail account. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to send one-to-one emails from the Gmail address that you’ve set up.

Download the Robly360 CRM Gmail Plugin for Chrome

Click here for instructions on how to install and use our Gmail plugin for Chrome.

Set Reminders

You can set calendar reminders for tasks you create in Robly. Scroll to the Add a Task section above for instructions.

Disconnect from Gmail

To remove the Gmail account that you’ve synced to sever the connection or if you need to switch to another Gmail address, go to My Account > Integrations to disconnect:

View Activity

See all recent contact activity, including campaign opens, notes, and tasks on the right hand side of the contact’s profile:

Move the Task Bar

Use the arrows on the task bar to move it left or right:

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